November was supposed to be a lame month

You have to feel bad for November, its a pretty lame month. Most of this is because all November has to show for itself is Thanksgiving. Though a fun holiday to see family and friends, it just cannot compete with October’s Halloween nor December’s Christmas, er, Holiday Season.

By the beginning of October, November was beginning to look like another ho-hum month. Every weekend in October had something planned for me, but November, not so much. One month later, November has absolutely erupted and has become a month of fantastic adventures.

Nov 3 – Jenn comes to visit, or rather, I go pick her up just past Highway 74
Nov 4 – Lunch with parents, band competition, home basketball vs. Guelph!
Nov 5 – Jenn is still here, 2 Intramural soccer games
Nov 10-12 – Arizona trip
Nov 14 – Drive up to VT for Jenn’s concert
Nov 15-16 – Campaign for football vote
Nov 18 – Checkers Game, Greg’s hockey game
Nov 19 – Jenn comes to visit for South Park afterhours shopping event
Nov 21 – Meet Jenn’s grandmother
Nov 22-26 – Canada trip
Nov 28 – Jazz Ensembles concert
Nov 30 – Reel Big Fish in Myrtle Beach with Jenn!

Wow! Go November!


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